On a Quiet Word to Music Parents

Although I don’t feel as positive about “more jobs,” I think of it more that tastes are spreading thin and becoming more individualized to a fault… I can say my secondary music education compares to what this says, though I feel like my family’s interest in how I made music fell off by some time in high school, I liked what I was doing too much to stop.

I have no problem with meeting new people, but I’m not the kind of social butterfly that one needs to be in order to turn music into a thriving profession, so I’m happy with my music being a side-thing while I work a “normal” job, that oddly enough utilizes the skills I picked up from having to communicate with people from all around the world, while I was in college.

As for my daughter, I’ve already determined that I will only teach her music if she shows a strong interest.

just ponderin'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Number One Son Sam, Jazz Student, on the Big Bass

Okay. Firstly….


It looks like little Johnny’s or Susie’s interest in the drums, or sax, or bass…

Or guitar, or piano, or clarinet, or flute, or didgeridoo…

Or that cute little triangle thingie they used to give you if you couldn’t play anything else, has lasted through elementary and middle school.

And now it looks like that cute little hobby that was supposed to stay a hobby has grown up and maniacally land-war’d itself into Potential Vocation territory, crushing the once-safe provinces of Medicine, Engineering, Nursing, Plumbing, Law, Accounting, and/or Fashion Merchandising along the way.

Particle Physics is still hanging on, but it doesn’t look good.

And you know this has happened because your perfect cherub just walked into the room and told you that they want to be… wait for it…

A musician.

Yes, they did tell you that.

Yes, they…

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